• Fourth Annual Benefit Dinner in Miami

    Podiatry Overseas will be throwing it's fourth annual benefit dinner at Semila Eatery & Bar in Miami. If you are interested in attending you may purchase a ticket via the link below.

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By sending trained Podiatrists overseas we can help to eliminate Podiatric problems in foreign countries.

Podiatry Overseas Association

The Podiatry Overseas Association is an association which puts Doctors of Podiatric Medicine at the service of the men, women and children all around the world.

Podiatrists are uniquely qualified amongst medical professionals and treat a variety of conditions using innovative treatments to improve the well-being of their patients.

Podiatrists’ knowledge combines all of the general medical specialties, but with an emphasis on the foot and ankle.

PODOA’s Purpose

  • Organize Medical and Surgical Mission Trips to Africa, Brazil, Guyana, and other areas of need
  • Coexist with founded organizations such as hospitals and health centers
  • Sponsorship, donations, as well as collection and distribution channels are fields PODOA has made contact with, such as PACA Afrique Solidarite
  • Acquire products including footwear, medical equipment, and medications.

Togo, Africa Mission